Director: Özkan Çelik
Producer: Serhan Nasırlı
Dop: Önder Şengül / Faik Çayır
Cast: Sezgin Erdemir,Aslı Şahin,Tanju Tuncel, Taylan Güner, Hakan Karsak ,Efe Karaman
Script: Özkan Çelik / Serhan Nasırlı
Production Co: MinusGreen Production
Original Music / Sound Design: Bora Uslusoy
Final Mix / Sound Design: Karasinek Ses Tasarım ve Müzik Yapım Ofisi
Colorist: Ercan Küçük
Distribution: Roll Caption
Year: 2014
Duration: 80

117,867 admissions among 120 theaters in Turkey


CELAL, 30 year old writer at a magazine. He is fond of beautiful girls. After getting busted by his girlfriend with another girl,he kicked out from their apartment. He searches for a place to stay and he stops by an old, ruined house for a room for rent. He checks the room, he revolts from the mess. While leaving the house, he sees a beautiful girl is living next door… He changes his mind and hires the room. Unaware of strange things will happen in the house…



  • Bridge Film Festival – Kosovo 2014 – Best Director Award
  • Bridge Film Festival – Kosovo 2014 – Audience Award
  • 30 Dies Film Festival – Andorra 2014 – Best Film
  • 30 Dies Film Festival – Andorra 2014 – Best Director
  • 30 Dies Film Festival 2014 – Best Supporting Actress
  • BARS,Rojo Sangre Film Festival- Buenos Aires 2014 – Official Selection
  • New York Horror Show 2014 – Official Selection